Who are we?

Hello, bonjour, zdrasti, buna ziua!


We're Gaetan and Elena, two cyclists embarking on a big bike trip starting from Paris in April 2016 and ending... we don't know either when nor where! Since we both love travelling and cycling, we started to dream of joining the two in a long bike trip across Europe, and to trade our jobs and flats for freedom on four wheels!

Our route is not really (not at all?) planned, but we're thinking to ride east, towards the Balkans, Turkey, and maybe Iran. We'll carry a smaller home in our panniers, but we'll have the biggest garden in the world each morning!


We'd be very happy to meet people on the way and to explore the places we go through. We're particularly interested in local projects or initiatives aimed at experiencing new (or actually sometimes even old!) forms of social, cultural or political life, like for instance self-managed factories, local currency projects, alternative schools, solidarity actions with migrants, collectives which not only believe that a better world is possible and is within reach, but also already make it a reality.


Don't hesitate to give us a shout here below, on Warm Shower or Couchsurfing in case you'd like to meet!